Four-Plane Balancers

Designated Kiss-234, Universal Balancing Ltd.’s new machines provide optional two-, three- or four-plane balancing capabilities for processing various parts, from single piece to multiple-link propeller shaft assemblies. Employing modular design principles, the balancers are constructed from CNC laser and flame-cut components. They also feature a small footprint and incorporate controls based on the company’s UNI-44 system. 


Other novel design features include the superseding of traditional spindle and motor driveline arrangements with compact, spindle motors that have been designed in-house for ease of assembly and servicing and servo control of all weld guns and four bearers, with the center bearers moving past the others to facilitate quick setups between the planes.  In addition, Ethernet-based transparent communications provide remote diagnostic monitoring of key components, such as motors, weld heads and support bearers.



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