Free-Standing Air-Filtration Alternative

The AirPod free-standing dust collection system is designed to filter airborn contaminants including sanding dust, solid-surface particulate, composite materials, metal-finishing dust, dry chemicals and powders. Manufacturer Airflow Systems says the unit provides 98-percent filtration efficiency of airborn contaminants measuring between 1 and 3 microns. Powered by a direct-drive motor/blower, the system needs no compressed air. The unit is available in three modular configurations: a single pod, double pod or triple pod stacked set. Air-handling capacity ranges from 2,500 cfm to 5,000 cfm.


The company says the unit is a viable alternative to the costly air ducting required with centralized dust collectors. Its exo-filter cabinet design positions the filters on the outside of the filter cabinet to increase collection surface area and efficiency. When filtered, cool air is discharged from the top of the unit and naturally falls to floor level because it is heavier than ambient air. As this cycle repeats, a downward velocity is created, forcing dirty air down to the filter-intake areas and creating a self-perpetuating air-cleaning cycle.



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