Free-standing Mezzanine

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The EXPRESS MEZZ program offers freestanding mezzanines that increase storage space by maximizing the use of the existing building footprint. When ordered, the company can guarantee shipment of a complete, ready to assemble mezzanine within two weeks of signed approval plans. Those plans will then be sent to the customer for approval, showing precisely how the mezzanine will be configured. The company says their service requires no engineer or architect on the customer side, just details of the existing building structure and an idea of the additional space requirements. According to the company, their mezzanines are built from lightweight steel that is engineered to meet all structural requirements in terms of rigidity and torsion strength.  The company says features of their mezzanines include simple connectivity and preengineered stairs for strength and stability. In addition, the handrail is cut to size and reattached without welding. The handrail post design is said to eliminate the need for notching the deck surface on installation.