Fully Hydrostatic Grinding Center

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The company introduces GrindSmart 6000XL, the world’s first and only fully hydrostatic grinding machine. The hydrostatic functions are said to allow friction-free linear and rotary movements for all six axes, including the grinding spindle, in order to enhance the accuracy, speed, rigidity and perpetual repeatability of the machine in production. 


Some possible advantages of this technology include: smooth axis motion while obtaining rigidity and stability; accuracy in axis control and dynamics; virtually friction-free movement provides mirror-surface finish on the tools; increased size consistency and concentricity with shorter cycle times; larger stock removal without inducing vibrations; and higher damping that extends wheel life and the number of tools produced between sticking and re-dressing. According to the company, wear-free motion elements ensure consistent, long-term machine performance without maintenance, regardless of how hard, fast or long the machine is used. The hydrostatic oil is chilled and temperature-controlled, thus having a cooling effect on the entire machine, which makes it more thermally stable.

The product is a fully automated CNC super-precision grinding center with six machine axes and three axes for the integrated robot load/unload station. It is designed to manufacture small to large diameter carbide and HSS cutting tools in one clamping in the range of 3.0 mm (0.11") to 32.0 mm (1.250") in diameter. The company says the axis configuration is similar to the GrindSmart 620XS, so that the machine is completely compatible with the VirtualGrind and 3DCalc software.
In addition, this new model incorporates the tool holding method, which includes the high-precision V-block and steady-rest system. The center comes equipped with a hydraulic steady rest and V-block, which have been enlarged for this model, to provide optimum concentricity for both end mills and drills, even under heavy stock removal, says the company.

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