Fusion 350 Measures Wide Areas

Originally titled 'Multisensor System Measures Wide Areas'

Multisensor measurement tool measures large parts or groups of small parts that primarily require 2D measurement.

Quality Vision International (QVI)’s Fusion 350 large field of view multisensor metrology system is designed to characterize large parts or groups of small parts that primarily require 2D measurement.

The system is capable of large-field optics, which enables high accuracy imaging areas as wide as 100 mm. According to the company, its image analysis software tools can instantly process and identify all features and dimensions within the field of view, with no need for a pre-programmed measurement routine. If a measurement routine has been prepared, the AutoID feature enables users to place any previously programmed part or parts anywhere on the stage, even without fixturing, and the system will identify and automatically measure the parts.

This system is ideal for high-speed measurement of 2D parts. With its 450- × 450-mm measuring area and flexible dual magnification optics, it accommodates large parts or groups of smaller parts and measures both large and small feature sizes. A DRS laser and TP20 touch-trigger probe are available for three-axis measurements.

All models are equipped with Zone3 Express CAD-based 3D metrology software. This software features a kinematic model to simulate the machine, part, fixtures and measuring sensors, updated in real time. Built-in tools, integrated GD&T functionality and visual validation of measurement intent offer speed and power to the measurement process, according to the company. The software supports simultaneous use of multiple sensors, making appropriate tools available for complex measurement tasks.