Gage Ball Streamlines Setups For Mold Makers

The Model ADP-MI precision gage ball provides a common reference datum for accurately dimensioning and positioning mold components or EDM electrodes. The hardened, stainless steel gage ball is mounted on a System 3R Macron pallet. According to the company, the gage ball is guaranteed to repeat within ±0.0001" of center and within ±0.0001" of a certified height from the resting pad of the pallet. The gage ball can be moved to any machine or inspection station equipped with a standard pallet receiver, thus establishing a common reference datum for manufacturing and inspection operations. This common reference datum allows designing, programming, machining, EDMing and inspection to be associated with each other in a quick, simple and reliable manner, the company says. The results include faster machine setup, more accurate tool compensation, more consistent measurement data and less benching of mold components. Precision gage balls for the Erowa System 50 integrated tooling system are being developed. A padded, hardwood box protects the gage ball for storage and transport.


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