Garant Xtric Centering Vise Can Be Centered with Micrometer-Level Accuracy


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The Garant Xtric centering vise from Hoffman Group USA is equipped with a new chuck jaw quick-change system enabling easy, tool-free changeover. A click mechanism gives the vise locating repeatability in the micrometer range, the company says. Because the center can be adjusted precisely, multiple Xtric devices can be used.

“The new Garant Xtric is suitable for clamping both blanks and finished parts,” says Charlie Slagle, president and CEO. “In addition, pre-stamping components is not required.”

The vise’s top jaws can be replaced or rotated 180 degrees by hand without tools. The top jaws are inserted into a dovetail and pushed down via two spring plates until they engage, eliminating the need to remove and rethread the spindle nut. 

With its rotating top jaws, the Garant Xtric provides a clamping range of 0 to 144 or 194 mm, depending on the model. All models are alternatively available with pivot jaws.

In order to clamp larger workpieces using multiple centering vises, the quick-change system can be adjusted with micrometer accuracy. If required, it can be shifted by up to 0.5 mm on each side (1 mm total).