Gear Grinder On Linear Motor Platform

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The GS:G2-LM 200 is a four-axis linear motor profile gear grinder. The  gear grinders in this series are currently available in two sizes. A smaller model handles workpiece diameters as large as 200 mm and a larger machine as large as 350 mm. Minimum workpiece diameters on both models is 25 mm. Both models are equipped with a ±45-degree wheel helix. The optional worm grind package increases the machine’s capability to enable it to produce worms and other threads as well. According to the company, these grinders let manufacturers source near net shaped or hobbed gears from low-cost suppliers yet still give them control over the final product quality. During the grinding cycle, the SmartSpindle acoustic emissions monitor allows automated gear tooth location and stock division to equalize grinding stock. Machines automated with robot loader are available. C-axis positioning is controlled by a direct drive synchronous torque motor with encoder feedback resolution of 0.2 arc seconds. Linear axis positioning resolution is 0.05µm. The company’s GearSmart programming is said to allow 15-minute changeovers. The operator only needs to enter specific part and process information into the menu-driven screens.

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