GibbsCAM Supports Multi-task Machine Tool

Gibbs and Associates and Matsuura Machinery Corporation have collaborated to develop a version of GibbsCAM that supports the latter company's new Cublex-25 multi-task machine tool. This will enable GibbsCAM to provide Matsuura customers with a post processor and machine simulation model specifically for the Cublex-25. Based on a 5-axis machining center, the Cublex-25 combines turning and grinding functions with 5-axis milling functions. According to the manufacturer, this process integration enables high speed, high-accuracy machining together with unmanned operation. For turning operations, a custom mechanism is used to lock the spindle with a rotary table (C axis) capable of as high as 3,000 RPM. Though the rotary table direct drive motor is specialized for the high-speed rotation required for turning, it also maintains the precision positioning capability required for milling, the company says. Additionally, grinding operations are possible through the simultaneous rotation of the spindle and rotary table.  

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