GIP's Plasma Coated EDM Wire Aids Flushing, Increases Speed


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GIP Plasma EDM wire

Plasma hybrid-coated EDM wire, available from Global Innovative Products (GIP), is made with a coating that aids flushing for wire EDM efficiency. The brass wire is thus said to generate significantly higher metal removal rates compared to other premium brass wires. Plasma wire is an economical solution for improving cycle times and reduce operating costs, the company says. GIP Plasma wire promotes reduced operating costs as well as cleanliness, with higher speeds than plain brass wire.

GIP Plasma is available in wire sizes of 0.20, 0.25 and 0.30 mm (0.008", 0.010" and 0.012"). It is offered in the following spool types: P5, P6, DIN160, P10, DIN200, P15 and DIN250.


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