Gloss Meter

The company is introducing the new micro-gloss. It is said to combine portability and ease-of-use. Gloss measurement is only accurate if the instrument is calibrated correctly. The new auto-diagnosis feature checks the calibration values. Whether in the plant or in the field, with the calibration holder, the standard is always at hand and protected. The "intelligent" auto diagnosis tells when to calibrate and even checks if the standard is clean. Reliable readings without operator error are guaranteed by the company. According to the company, a clear menu structure and the new scroll wheel allows even inexperienced users can get right to work. The new gloss meter offers multiple readings per sample with full statistics; pass/fail and differences with up to 50 target values; and sample storage easily maintained using the new scroll wheel. Documentation is said to be easy: The included software allows direct data transfer to Excel, and the results are immediately displayed in a professional QC report with graphs. Used with or without a PC, the gloss meter makes QC faster, says the company.

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