Graphite Machine

The hybrid, ROKU-ROKU GR-658N is said to provide high precision for either hard milling or graphite milling. The product's full enclosure confines all dust to the machining area, keeping it suspended via intermitten air blasts, then evcuating it for clean disposal with its Amano PiA-30M Dust Collector. At the same time, a dual way and steel ball screw covers system protecting it against excessive machine tool wear. The product is said to incorporate a high-rigidity, bridge-type machine structure with a single piece casting of columns and cross rails, achieving high speeds and accuracy. This machine's design is said to minimize the distance between guide surface and spindle center providing greater stability. Sets of pneumatic counter balancers on either side of the spindle headstock are said to provide smooth, accurate movement during high velocity contouring and drilling. They also are said to reduce Z-xis motor and feed screw load to minimize thermal distortion. The product features include a 12 position tool changer, five position decimal input, a 320MB flashcard with ethernet protocol and a 32,000 RPM spindle. Many optional features are also available for specific application productivity improvement.

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