Grind And Deburr Hard-To-Reach Areas

The Dynafile abrasive belt machine grinds, deburrs, blends and finishes hard-to-access areas on metal, plastic, fiberglass and other composites. Available from Dynabrade, the machine is typically used for light corner-weld removal and weld-blending applications. It features a custom belt-tracking system designed to provide trouble-free operation. The machine is available with more than 30 different interchangeable contact arms for various applications. It uses coated, abrasive belts measuring 1/2", 1/4" or 1/8" wide and 24" long. Non-woven nylon and cloth polishing belts are also available. The 20,000-rpm tool weighs 3 lbs. The lightweight, composite housing is said to reduce vibration and is thermally insulated to keep the operator’s hands warm. Available accessories include Dynaswivel air-line connectors, Dyna-Jet inline blow guns, motor tune-up kits, tool bench mounts and more.

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