Grind And Finish In One Setup

Featuring a trimmable backing, the Trimmable Tiger abrasive flap disc is available from Weiler Corporation. Users can trim away the back of the disc by as much as 3/8" from the original diameter to expose more flap abrasive and prolong disc life. By extending the flap length, users can grind on-edge without changing tools or access hard-to-reach areas such as right angles and irregular shapes, the company says. In addition, the non-marking backing is designed to not damage workpieces, potentially resulting in less rework and scrap. According to the company, the disc can be used to grind and finish in one step. Other available abrasive flap discs include the Vortec Pro, which is designed for low to medium production environments, as well as specialty discs for application-specific situations. These include the 2" and 3" BobCat discs, which are engineered for right-angle air die grinders; the Big Cat, which is used for grinding and finishing curved and irregular surfaces; and the Tiger disc, which provides cool-cutting on stainless steel applications.

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