Grinder Control Features Increased Storage Capacity

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Toyoda Machinery’s CNC grinder control, the GC50, has been redesigned with special functions to enhance performance on the company’s grinders. The control can store data for as many as 64 different workpieces in its resident memory. In addition, a USB port has been added to the control pendant to simplify program uploads and downloads. The expanded data storage can reduce the need for frequent data backup and replacement, the company says. The company says its software is capable of performing many calculations at high speeds because it can run on top of Windows XP. The PLC has been integrated into the software to eliminate the need for specialized diagnostics programs. The 12.1" LCD touchscreen can display many processes at once, reducing the need to change screens often. In addition, this design reduces the number of on-screen operations as well as the amount of data and time required for production preparation, the company says. Other features include automatic work speed and feed rate calculation, photo-enhanced maintenance instructions and moveable pop-up windows for running position location.

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