Grinding Machine Processes Longer Shafts

Liebherr has introduced the LGG 400 M model grinding machine that fits the same footprint as the previous, smaller LGG 280 M.


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Liebherr’s LGG 400 M grinding machine fits the same footprint as the previous, smaller LGG 280 M. Designed for aerospace and job shop customers, the LGG 400 M can machine longer shafts because of the extended travel of the main and counter columns.

The operator can utilize a variety of grinding heads for internal and external gears and perform high-productivity generating grinding on workpieces up to 280 mm in diameter or profile grinding on components ranging to 400 mm.

The machine concept came about from the requirements of the market, according to the company. Long shafts with small diameters have come into demand for customers in the aerospace and job shop industries—often for short runs. The company offers an optional crane for handling of large parts because of the machine’s height. The machine also features fold-out stair steps so that operators are better able to reach the working area.


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