Grinder Series For Various Uses

Ingersoll-Rand Productivity Solutions says its G-Series— the G1, G2 and G3— is designed to handle a variety of grinding, cutting, and material removal jobs.


The most compact of the three models, the G1 offers 0.4 hp and is suitable for light material removal, cleaning rough castings and welds, deburring parts and other finishing tasks. This model is available in straight, angle and extended straight configurations.


The slightly larger G2 operates at 0.8 hp and is useful for heavier-duty grinding applications than the previous model, as well as cutting, cleaning and polishing applications. In addition, this grinder has an angle head option rated for more than 2,000 hours of use. It is available in straight, extended straight, angle and extended angle configurations.


Developed for large jobs, such as those with heavy material removal of burs, grinding wheels and coated abrasives, the G3 offers 1.35 hp and a favorable power-to-weight ratio, the company says. Featuring an adjustable power with an internal, virtually contamination-free air controller that maintains tool speed regardless of the load, this model also offers an angle head rated for more than 2,000 hours of use. Extended straight, angle and extended angle configurations are available.


Each grinder features a D-shaped handle, one-nut removal and a separate replaceable cylinder.