Grinding And Milling In One Setup

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The FVGCII series multitasking machine is designed for jobs that require alternate grinding and milling in the same setup. Mounted in a QP series platform, the machine delivers 12,000-rpm spindle speed (optional 15,000-rpm) with travels of 31.5" × 18.5" × 20.1" and X-, Y- and Z-rapids of 1,180   × 1,180   × 787 ipm. The table size is 47.2" × 20" and can accommodate workpieces as heavy as 1,320 lbs. The CT-40, big-plus contact nose type spindle delivers 15 hp and enables the machine to achieve a 394-ipm feed rate. The machine features a specially designed table and splashguard for collecting grinding swarf and chips; a fully-enclosed, arm-type tool change system with automatic door; a coolant mist collector; sealed ballscrews; a chip washdown system; and an optional overhead vacuum system to collect errant contaminants. The ATC door, controlled by M code, opens automatically at each milling tool or grinding wheel change and closes upon completion of the change cycle, effectively protecting the tool magazine from flying chips and grinding dust, the company says. The ATC holds 24 milling tools as long as 10" or eight pieces of 6.5" grinding wheels. The machine features a Meehanite cast iron base and frame with heavy ribbing. Other features include 40-mm, 10-pitch ballscrews on the X, Y and Z axes that are center-mounted, with double nuts. They are pre-tensioned and supported at both ends by angular thrust bearings. The company offers a range of standard accessories including high-volume coolant system; fully-enclosed splashguard; central lubrication system; pilot and work lights; spindle air blast; cutting air blast; curtain-type air purge system; spindle oil cooler device; air-conditioned electric cabinet; oil skimmer; oil mist collector; guideway covers; ATC guarding; table splashguard, curtain-type coolant system for the spindle; rear chip-flushing system; and coolant gun.

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