Grinding For PCD And PcBN Inserts

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The Coborn RG9 CNC grinding machine features five programmable axes including crossslide X axis and three programmable CNC camera axes for PCD and PcBN inserts and round tool grinding. Incorporating a rigid construction to accommodate high-production applications, the RG9 is said to have a larger work envelope to accommodate the addition of rotary and linear fixtures for 10-axis capability. This enables it to produce helical-ground PCD tools and K-lands on many PcBN and PCD tools. The grinding machine is equipped with a special vision system for in-process inspection and measurement via a camera mounted on the X-, Y- and Z-slides. This allows the camera to scan left, right, in and out; to adjust the grind start point; perform in-process inspection; and to perform final inspection resulting in greater production efficiency for each grinding cycle.

Standard features include automatic wheel dressing and wear compensation, full CNC via a user-friendly touchscreen, automatic lubrication, automatic tool-shank position detection and alignment correction, and a 2 x 80 GB mirrored hard drive. The RG9 runs on a Windows platform that allows multitasking, enabling operators to write a new program or edit stored programs while the machine is grinding automatically. Other grinding applications cover grooving and wiper blades, multiple clearance angle tools, rotary tools, reamers, end mills, saws and helical tools—single and multiple flutes.


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