Grinding Machine Replaces Turning for Difficult Materials

IMTS 2018: Erwin Junker’s Grindstar grinding machine replaces turning with dressing-free, high-speed, plunge-cut grinding.


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Erwin Junker’s Grindstar grinding machine replaces turning with dressing-free, high-speed plunge-cut grinding. The machine is designed to be an economical alternative to turning for  difficult-to-machine workpieces, high-volume production and workpieces with complex outer contours.

The machine is said to shorten manufacturing time and reduce downtime, promoting long grinding wheel life, high precision and process reliability. The machine is capable of simultaneous grinding of the entire part contour, including the ends. It can handle difficult-to-machine, hard and soft materials. The machine grinds directly from bar stock, enabling continuous, lights-out production with little supervision. Customer-specific process and technology configurations are available. 


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