Handheld Drilling System

The Fein KBH 25 is a handheld annular drilling system for metal parts.

The Fein KBH 25 is a handheld annular drilling system for metal parts. The company says the system combines the benefits of a handheld power drill with a carbide-tipped annular cutter to permit fast drilling holes measuring as much as 1" in diameter with as much as ¾" depth of cut. An ergonomic design aims to minimize operator fatigue and enable drilling in places inaccessible to conventional drilling tools, the company says. The unit weighs 7 lbs and can drill both ferrous and nonferrous materials.

A patent-pending drilling technology (hand drill with carbide annular bits) avoids unnecessary machining to reduce the effort of the operator. The HSS pilot bit drills only as long as necessary to ensure hole accuracy, then disengages as soon as the annular cutter meets the material. After the hole is complete at cutter breakthrough, a spring pushes the pilot bit forward, ejecting the slug of material made by the annular cutter. The system is up to three times faster when compared to hole saws and as much as five times faster when compared with conventional twist drills, says the company.

Fein carbide annular cutters feature a tooth geometry with a cut width of 0.11", minimizing feed pressure. A carbide cutter line with TiAlN surface coating adds heat resistance and favorable glide properties. The coating increases tool life and productivity.

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