Handheld Tool Edits And Transfers G-Code Programs

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The newest model in RBR Machine Tools’ line of CncGcoders is the CncGcoder HD. Designed for maintenance and programming personnel, the product is a handheld tool for backing up, editing and transferring CNC machine tool G-Code programs. Its PC-compatible file system allows users to store and organize G-Code programs in unlimited directories. An integrated SD card slot with limitless memory capabilities allows the user to transfer files between the device and any PC.


Built for demanding industrial environments, the liquid-, dust- and shock-resistant device is designed to withstand a 4'-drop without damage. It includes an RS-232 CNC serial cable with a screw-in connector and a keypad with CNC layout for program edits, as well as a high-capacity, rechargeable battery. Other features include pre-installed software and a battery charger.


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