Handles, Levers Feature 360-Degree Rotation

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Featuring 360-degree free-rotation handle repositioning capability, Fixtureworks’ Kipp adjustable handles and levers are useful for fixtures and jigs requiring clamping and torque forces where full-handle rotation is restricted, the company says. The handles operate via male and female spline components that disengage from each other when the handle is lifted, allowing it to rotate freely to any position. When released, the spring-loaded handle drops down and reengages the spline drives. It is then ready for further tightening, additional torque or releasing the tension and clamping action.


The handles are available with over 2,400 variations. Purchasers can choose handles made from steel, zinc die-cast or molded plastic. They are available straight or angled with male or female thread attachments, and they come fitted with either inch or metric threads. Handle lengths range from 46 mm to 148 mm, and positioning adjustments range from 16 teeth on the smallest size assemblies to 36 teeth on the larger units. A number of colored powder coating options also are available.


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