Hard Gear Finishing

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RZ 303C precision gear grinding machine incorporates gearless planetary drives, acoustic sensing for alignment of dressing diamonds and low noise shifting, a feature that produces a random surface structure on the teeth to prevent excitation. The machine working area was designed to facilitate changeovers. According to the company, convenient location for the set up of the dressing unit, ergonomic ease of wheel change and almost unlimited restriction of the gear location on the shaft or arbor allows this model to provide maximum machine uptime. The main column that carries the grinding spindle and slide rotates 180 degrees. From its grinding position, it rotates 90 degrees to facilitate wheel change and another 90 degrees to perform the wheel dressing operation.   Specific gear tooth geometry can be produced using part-specific, galvanic-plated composite diamond rolls manufactured by the company for this machine. Using the machine axis, the wheel is moved during the dressing cycle to produce root, flanks and tip modifications to minimize the number of passes that will be imparted to the gear when grinding.    

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