Heat-Cured Adhesive For OEM Assembly

Devcon’s SC 2002 non-sagging (NS), a one-part epoxy adhesive, bonds to a variety of substrates, including steel (mild, stainless and galvanized, tin-plated or unfinished), aluminum and other materials. The self-leveling gel (60,000 cps) has been designed to produce flexible bonds for durability and thermal stability.


Useful for OEM applications, the product contains no solvents and requires no mixing. It is heat-activated and works at room temperature. At 275°F, the adhesive has a fixturing time of approximately 1 minute. Fully cured bonds exhibit a typical adhesive tensile lap shear of 2,200 psi, as measured on cold-rolled steel. In addition to resisting corrosion, these bonds withstand service temperatures from -60° to 300°F.