Heavyweight High Speed Laser Machine

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The Cincinnati CL-850 mates a fast-cutting 5,000-Watt GE Fanuc laser resonator with a third-generation linear-motor-drive system on a laser platform that is the industry’s heaviest, the company says.  Designed for high throughput, flexibility, ease of use and cutting precision, the machine delivers 10,000 ipm head positioning, 1,000 ipm cutting on 18-ga. steel, and up to 1-1/8” processing range on mild steel.  Cincinnati's own linear-motor-drive system, used for more than a decade on a large base of machine installations, has been further refined for accuracy at high cutting speeds, while a new cutting head gives superior edge quality, says the company. 

The cutting head system features standard auto-focus.  An improved breakaway feature keeps debris from entering the beam path and allows beam alignment checking without head removal.  A new height sensor, insensitive to plasma, enables much higher feedrates on thin metal using nitrogen or air assist gas.  

The HMI and control software were developed with the hope of providing the easiest operation of any high-performance laser.  The company recognizes that expert operators are hard to find, so it creates laser controls to allow operators with limited experience to achieve superior results.

The CL-850 is available in 5 × 10 ft. and 6 × 12 ft. cutting table models, each featuring Cincinnati’s quick-change, dual pallets. The dual-pallet design allows one table to be unloaded/reloaded while the second table is being processed.  Pallet changes take just seconds, so cutting is virtually continuous.

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