Hennig's RoofProtect Includes Motorized Version for Opening and Closing

EMO 2019: Hennig’s RoofProtect is a lightweight, movable machine roof cover that can be custom designed to any size and most machine systems.


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Hennig’s RoofProtect lightweight, movable machine roof cover can be custom designed for most machine systems. RoofProtect bellow systems are designed to protect against dust, particles and other debris from escaping or entering the roof of the machine.

The product is adaptable for new machine designs and can be retrofitted to older machines, as well. It is engineered with a double fold to achieve a short length when compressed. White, translucent fold material maintains optimum brightness in the working area.

RoofProtect includes a decoupling option to allow for overhead loading and unloading; two-ply, rigid polyester (PET) sheets with polyurethane (TPU) coating on both sides; and temperature resistance from between -30°C (-22°F) and 110°C (230°F). The machine roof also has aluminum extrusion transverse beams, individual folding segments that are interchangeable for easy repair, optional slideway systems depending on requirements, and a motorized version for opening and closing.