Hexagon's NCSIMUL 2021 Detects Unwanted Rest Stock on Large Parts

IMTS Spark: NCSIMUL 2021 virtual twin software from Hexagon features a new comparison mode that detects excessive material with fast, hidden simulation.


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NCSIMUL 2021 virtual twin software from Hexagon features a new comparison mode that detects excessive material with fast, hidden simulation, and provides solid comparisons between CAD/CAM models or previous cut stock and simulated models. Used to detect unwanted rest stock on a large part, this new feature is used to generate a list of excess material that can also be displayed in a 3D window linked to the list. Among its benefits are the ability to find small, missing drill holes on large aerospace components and missing holes that need to be connected on mold bodies and hydraulic parts. 

Integrated in NCDoc, “dimensioning” is a new function that creates control instructions for operators during the CNC process. It defines a dimension checklist with user-defined tolerances, automatically defines the minimum measurement needed for each cut, generates a comprehensive view for the programmer and operator on the 3D simulation, and works with the NCDoc documentation template. This saves time, the company says, particularly when using the wizard to create the correct number of measurements, even when using a probe tool on the machine.

Another set of options quickly evaluates tools that can benefit from air-cutting optimization, with “out of material working time” data in the sequence list. This works with the NCDoc documentation template, and customizes stock nearness values for each sequence; the optimization is automatically stored for future strategies.

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