High Accuracy CMM

The Swiss-made Tesa Micro-Hite 3D CMM features a light alloy base fitted with a granite measuring table. The opto-electronic measuring system, developed in conjunction with the electronic height gage, provides high accuracy and repeatability to 3 micronmeters.

The offset triangular bridge design provides a low center of gravity and optimum stiffness-to-mass ratio. Air bearings provide frictionless motion in all three axes. Measuring volume is 460 mm (15.74") × 510 mm (17.71") × 420 mm (19.68").

The measuring system uses the company’s intuitive reflex software. It allows operators of all skill levels to perform 1D, 2D and 3D measurement routines quickly and easily without the need for computer keyboard entries. All operations are controlled through an ergonomically positioned control panel. 

The Tesa coordinate measuring system includes the company’s touch trigger probe or its indexable probe. Both probes feature adjustable trigger force from 0.1 N to 0.3 N.   The indexable probe is adjustable to 168 positions in 15-degree increments.

This CMM is available with an optional fine adjustment. By adding a CCD camera, it can be converted into a non-contact measuring system.