High-Capacity Industrial Vending Machine

The EleVend industrial vending machine offers continuous access to gloves, PPE and other items in a secure format with a user-friendly keypad or touchscreen interface, the company says. The machine is suitable for use with knit gloves and with boxes of gloves, and no special packaging is required for the items. The system pushes the supply of product up from the bottom until it reaches the top of the bin. It then measures the distance the elevator has traveled and decreases the appropriate amount of product from the inventory.   Said to offer fast dispensing speeds and low maintenance, the machine connects to existing systems from the company and supports bar code, magnetic swipe and proximity card input for access. The standard configuration includes 21 bins with a keypad tower, with the ability to accommodate as many as 78 bins in one crib. According to the company, the primary benefits of the system include the elimination of the need for special repackaging; the capacity to store as many as 96 pairs of gloves; and the ability to process many transactions in a short period of time.

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