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High-Penetration Drilling Line Includes 10×D Holders

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Eastec 2017: Allied Machine & Engineering introduces its Gen3sys XT Pro line of high-penetration drilling products.

Allied Machine & Engineering introduces its Gen3sys XT Pro line of high-penetration drilling products. The product line features inserts and holders designed with three different geometries and two advanced coatings. These inserts have been designed specifically for ISO material classes, making tool selection easy. They are offered for steels (class P), cast irons (class K), and non-ferrous materials (class N). The drill inserts come in diameters ranging from 11 to 35 mm (0.4331" to 1.378"), and are available in 0.1-mm (0.004") increments. The inserts designed specifically for steel and cast iron have new AM400-series coatings, which provide increased wear resistance and tool life. Inserts for non-ferrous materials are coated with titanium nitride.

Holders for the tool line are offered in depth-to-diameter ratios of 3×D, 5×D, 7×D and 10×D. The 10×D holder features an enhanced flute design that improves chip evacuation and an updated coolant configuration that increases flow and directs additional coolant to the cutting zone. The holders are available with both inch and metric shank diameters.


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