High-Performance Coolant Formulated for Fracking Pump Parts



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Mag’s Cyclo Cool 4000 and 4100 metalworking fluids are formulated for machining stainless and heat-treated steels used in forgings for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) pump parts and similar equipment for the oil and gas industry. The fluids are designed for extreme, high-heat applications such as deep-hole drilling, tapping and hogging on stainless and alloy steels, as well as aluminum, bronze, brass and copper.
Cyclo Cool 4000 is a heavy-duty cutting fluid designed to contain a combination of extreme-pressure additives, esters and mineral oil for physical lubricity.
Cyclo Cool 4100 is an ultra-high-performance coolant containing a blend of sulfurized and chlorinated extreme-pressure additives for heavy machining and grinding of ferrous and nonferrous material, including titanium. It is designed to be extremely low foaming and has high stability for applications in which hard water build-up presents a problem.
The company also offers synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants for medium- to light-duty finish machining on parts for oil or fracking operations.


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