High Performance VMC

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The Ganesh VFM 4020 Express VMC table measures 40" × 23".


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Expand Machinery DBA Ganesh Machiner will be exhibiting new technology at IMTS 2020 in Chicago this September.

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The Ganesh VFM 4020 Express VMC, which weighs more than 6 tons, features a 40" × 23" table, and cross-roller linear ways to damp vibration for improved surface finish and tool lifes. To generate precise, programmed feature definition, the VMC is equipped with pre-tensioned, double-anchored ballscrews and 40-block look-ahead in the Fanuc OiMD control. The 20-hp direct-drive spindle can rotate at speeds as fast as 15,000 rpm. The X, Y and Z axes measure 40" × 23" × 23", respectively. As many as 40 tools are available, with the #40-taper ATC. Both an indexer and a full fourth-axis rotary and five-axis trunnion table are available as well. 


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