High Power, High Efficiency Resonator Cuts 1" Steel

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The 40CFX is described as the next generation of the company's cross-flow resonators, and is said to deliver more cutting power per watt, require less maintenance and have the lowest cost of operation of any resonator in its class. The high power, high efficiency resonator is said to cut up to 1" mild steel, ½" aluminum and up to ¾" stainless steel. The "cutting power" of this 4-kilowatt laser is just 500 additional watts of power from previous designs. This power is said to enable up to 60 percent faster cutting speed and a 50 percent improvement in cut quality. The design of the liquid-cooled power supply and dual cross-flow resonator increases cutting power and improves cut quality by providing beam stability and quality throughout the cutting process. The 40CFX also increases versatility with a 5 Hz control feature for high detail cutting, polarization reflection absorbing mirror and high speed power sensor for safe processing of reflective materials, and rectangular pulse output that is ideal for low heat processing. The 40CFX utilizes the manufacturer's patented rectangular-wave peak power. This technology is said to produce a beam with different characteristics than other resonators. The wave pattern extends peak power during cutting and is designed to result in higher power and cleaner edge quality. The 40CFX resonator is available with the LVP cutting system.

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