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High Precision ID Grinder

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Opus, the company's high production grinder for a range of mid-sized parts, is an ID grinder useful for grinding many components in the automotive industry, such as constant velocity joint components, valve lash adjusters, universal joint caps and more. For the bearing industry, it is suitable for grinding ball bearing races, tapered roller bearing tracks, bore and face, seal diameters and groove configurations, precision bushings, and more.

Key specifications include bore sizes from 0.4" to 7" (10 mm to 177 mm), bore lengths to 3" (75 mm), 10" (254 mm) Z-axis travel. Digital servomotors direct-coupled to precision ballscrews are said to provide reliable positioning. Resolution is 0.000002" (0.05 micron) in the X and Z axes. Rapid travel is 600 ipm (15.5 m/min) in the X-axis and 1800 ipm (46 m/min) in the Z axis.

The grinder has been designed for high speed, high precision grinding. Its cast iron bed is a tube design that resists torsional and bending forces. A flow-through system circulates oil and coolant through the base, rapidly normalizing temperatures throughout the machine for thermal stability.

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