High-Pressure Coolant Systems

The MP-Systems R series of high-pressure coolant pumps are designed to remove chips from deep and blind holes in turning and milling applications to reduce cyclic tooling and increase wheel life and metal removal rates. The devices use custom diaphragm pumps that outlast centrifugal, screw or piston pumps and reduce the likelihood of external leakage due to pump wear, the company says. They can accommodate flow rates of 8, 15 or 20 gpm at 1,000 psi. Also available are the H series, S series and E series of high-pressure coolant solutions. They are designed to be compatible with Swiss-style and smaller machining centers. The company also offers Z-Cool, a programmable, high-pressure coolant nozzle for machining centers. Positioned within the work zone, the nozzle automatically directs coolant to the active tool surface throughout the machining process.