High-Pressure Water Washing, Deburring Machines


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Sugino’s Jet Clean Center line of fully programmable machines is designed for precision washing and deburring simple and complex parts. Supporting equipment includes the Cleanrinser automated Millipore patch reading system as well as JCC drying equipment, which uses plant air or vacuum technology. A common base, stainless steel enclosure and internal three-axis module is used to streamline the design and simplify automation, the company says, depending on the machine.
The JCC-Wide is a high-pressure water washing/deburring machine equipped with a six-position turret that operates in pressure ranges from 5,000 to 7,000 psi (350 to 500 bar) at a flow rate of 9 gpm (34 L/min.). The “wide” version refers to a 20-percent increase in X-, Y- and Z-axis travel distances compared to the previous model.
The JCC-UJET machine uses the company’s CNC nozzle positioning technology and patented Horn nozzle design to generate underwater cavitation, which enables the machine to wash and remove chips from areas within a part that cannot be reached directly with a high-pressure nozzle. Operating pressure and flow rate is 1,000 psi (68 bar) at 14 gpm (12 L/min.) or more, depending on the application. The machine is suited for applications such as cylinder heads and engine blocks.
Designed for less-complex parts, the JCC-Simple machine features a single, programmable nozzle position. The machine is suited for intermediate washing at pressures around 1,000 psi (69 bar) or less, the company says, but it can operate at 7,000 psi (500 bar).
The JCC-Slim is a high-pressure, reduced-footprint model that enables multiple machines to be placed side-by-side in production cells.