High Speed Boring Of Small Diameters

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Big Kaiser Precision Tooling’s EW2-12 Hi-Speed boring head is useful for finish boring small diameters from 0.075" (1.9 mm) to 0.500" (12.7 mm). It is said to offer automatic balance precision with a manual fine balancing mechanism for spindle speeds as high as 30,000 rpm.


An extension of the company’s Series 112 finishing heads for high speed operations, the EW2-12 program offers nine boring bars and is available with the modular KA3 connection or 16-mm straight shanks, with through-tool coolant.


The heads feature a Vernier scale for adjustment, with dials graduated in increments to 0.0001" in diameter.


According to the company, the heads provide improved stability and balance for high speed operations. The locking system clamps the tool carrier and adjusting dial, making the tool suited for high speed boring. The diameter adjustment is made by rotating the boring bar along its center of gravity, which keeps the assembly balanced for virtually any diameter—there is no need to remove the tool from the spindle to re-balance or adjust balancing rings. The locking system also prevents diameter shift under locking action force, the company says.


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