High Speed CNC Machining Center

The Argo A-56 vertical machining center is a 7.5 kW (10 hp), 40-taper model designed for production machining. Top spindle speed is 8,000 rpm (12,000 rpm available as an option) with rigid tapping as high as 6,000 rpm. Axis travel in XYZ is 560 x 410 x 410 mm (22" x 16" x 16"). Rapid traverse in XYZ is 48 m/min (1890 ipm). According to the builder, a double floating counter balance weight and air accumulator eliminate sinusoidal vibration when the Z axis moves in rapid traverse mode. This design also keeps the Z axis steady in case of a sudden loss of air pressure. The automatic toolchanger accommodates 16 tools, with a 24-tool magazine available as an option. Tool-to-tool changing time is 1.25 seconds and chip-to-chip time is 2.5 seconds. This model can be equipped with an automatic pallet changer driven by a cam-type mechanism. Pallet changing time is approximately 5 seconds.