High Speed Die/Mold VMC

The M-V50-FM is a new design vertical machining center, said to be capable of ultra-high precision contour accuracy for sharp feature definition. The table moves only in the Y axis, which the company says minimizes the floor space required for this machine. The headstock construction allows for a wide spacing of the X-axis guide ways, which is said to increase the machine’s overall rigidity. The required rigidity for the feed drive system was achieved by using a ballscrew with a large diameter (50 mm) and small lead (12 mm). The machine uses boxway construction on all three axes for overall rigidity, as well as thermal displacement compensation and MP scale feedback for precise positioning. A Hydro-Static way system is used on the Y axis for additional rigidity and workpiece support. Travels are X--31.5"; Y--20.1"; and Z--17.7", with a 15-position ATC. According to the company, the low vibration 30-hp integral spindle achieves high quality machining, excellent surface finish and longer tool life. Standard spindle speed is 14,000 rpm, with a 30,000 rpm option. Spindle temperature is maintained with the use of an oil chiller that recirculates temperature-controlled oil through the entire headstock. This machine is said to be suited to high speed machining applications, particularly hard metal machining.