High Speed Indexing Without A Servo Control

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The HIT 210 indexing table from Haas Automation is a high speed rotary solution that does not require a servo control. It plugs into any 115 VAC outlet, and the table will work on virtually any machine via MFIN cable, quill switch or manual cable switch. An alternative for shops that do not require a full fourth axis, the table provides 45-degree indexing, with an accuracy of ±15 arcsecond and repeatability of 10 arcsecond.

The indexer's 8.3" (210-mm) platter holds parts and fixtures weighing as much as 500 lbs. Six standard T-slots simplify fixturing, the company says. A Geneva-star mechanism provides 100 foot-pounds of rotational torque, while a face-gear coupling yields 1,250 foot-pounds of brake torque.


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