High Speed Laser Cutter

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Mazak Optonics’ HyperGear laser cutting system incorporates a variety of features designed to provide quality setup and maintenance notification as well as fast cutting speeds for every material and thickness. Equipped with an automatic torch and nozzle changer, the machine is capable of automatically setting up the position of the focus lens and making nozzle-to-material distance and beam adjustments. Its Nanosecond Preview 640 PC control and hyperlinear drives enable cutting at high speeds with the precision to maintain corners, dimensional accuracy and contour roundness, the company says. The control also monitors cutting conditions to predict failure and minimize recovery time. Systems that maintain constant beam length and perform automatic beam-mode adjustments keep the length and diameter of the beam constant. Combined with software that automatically determines the optimum sheet-pierce sequence, the piercing torch provides stable piercing of thick plate while reducing heat buildup, the company says. In addition, a nozzle-grinding system enables the machine to recondition its own nozzles. Available in 4,000W and 2,500W models, the laser can process mild steel as thick as 1" and comes standard with a 5' × 10' bed. It can be integrated with automated material-handling equipment.

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