High Speed Laser Machines

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The TLZ  Series of CO2 3-axis laser cutting machines features a bridge-type rugged construction, fast cutting speeds and the flexibility of a dual pallet changer.  The company says the machines’ precision, power and responsive control suit the series to a range of applications including large, thick plates, delicate thin sheet metals, exotic alloys, non-metallic materials and intricate shapes.

The TLZ series provides cutting rates of up to 1,575 ipm, along with rapid traverse speeds of 3,937 ipm in the X and Y axes, and 2,362 ipm in the Z axis. The company says the high speeds are kept in check with AC servo drive motors and ball screw and linear ball guide mechanism for precisely controlled movements.  These drive components are isloated so vibrations are minimized to keep cut edges sharp and accurate.

High power lasers assure penetration and piercing to cut various materials.  Laser power options include 2.5, 3.3, 4.5 and 6.0 kW that, when coupled with flying optics and options such as a non-contact gap sensor, side gas assist, and auto focus, assure cutting integrity.  An automatic pierce sensor and retry function is available for more severe applications.

Two model choices provide 98" × 49" inch and 122" × 61" travels, both models with a 4" vertical stroke of the optical head.   A Windows-based control unit features one-touch function and programming of most operations.


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