High-Speed Milling Machine Handles Graphite Applications


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To meet the demands of mold and die machining, GF Machining Solutions has unveiled the Mikron HSM 500 Graphite high-speed milling machine. The system combines the features of a dedicated graphite machine with the flexibility of a high-speed milling platform. The machine has a Step-Tec 42,000-rpm spindle and an exhaust system.

The machine’s flexibility is intended to provide an all-in-one, high-speed milling solution that handles wet and graphite applications. Its high-dynamic drives, polymer concrete base and improved spindle enable the machine to hold tight tolerances.

The machine includes the company’s Operator Support System for automating machine setting changes, the Intelligent Thermal Control to reduce warmup time and increase accuracy, and an Advanced Process System for on-the-fly control of spindle functions.

The company designed the machine around its automation systems and die-sinking EDM machines to provide customers with a complete manufacturing solution. The machine can provide reliability and precision at speeds that can double production capacity and increase profits by as much as 200 percent when compared to other graphite milling machines, according to the company.