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6/23/2008 | 1 MINUTE READ

High Speed, Touchscreen CNC

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The company says its 8070 ETX CNC is suited for high speed mold and die operations, multiple cell machines and applications requiring the integration of third-party software into the CNC.  Based upon an industrial-hardened Windows XP operating system, the control can accommodate various online software configurations. It can be used with digital servo systems, high speed linear motors and high-accuracy feedback systems. The CNC is available in a compact or modular platform with a high-resolution TFT color monitor and Solid 3D graphics coupled with a touchscreen. Available in as many as 28 axes with four execution channels, all models come standard with a solid state hard disk, and they use local and remote I/O. Block look-ahead is included for quality part finish, while predictive acceleration control is said to provide smooth toolpath transitions. Other capabilities include rotation tool center point (RTCP) machining, spline interpolation, polynomial interpolation, AKIMA splines, kinematics management and on-board intelligent profile editing. An offline simulator is also available. The company also offers a digital readout (DRO) system and two lines of absolute linear encoders for Fanuc, Siemens and Panasonic CNC systems. The Innova 40i DRO, called the “True Vision” for its high-resolution, LCD TFT color screen, allows users to execute solid 3D program simulations on the shop floor. The readout enables part centering, offsets and tool radius compensation, and cycles include pocket, bolt-hole, linear hole and matrix. The absolute encoders are available in both standard and mini-size extrusions. According to the company, they easily adapt to various other CNC systems’ protocols.


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