High Speed VMCs For Mold Makers

Following the release of its VM-3, Haas Automation has expanded its line of VMCs designed for the mold making industry. The company’s latest entry is the VM-2, a machine with a 30" × 20" × 20" work cube, a 36" × 18" table, a 12,000-rpm inline direct-drive spindle and a high speed control with full look-ahead.


The machine features a cast-iron construction with internal ribbing on the castings for increasing rigidity and dampening vibrations. The company says the linear guides on all axes further increases rigidity and stiffness, while providing a low coefficient of friction. High speed brushless servos, combined with fine-pitch ballscrews and digital encoders, promote precise positioning and repeatability.


The 12,000-rpm, 40-taper spindle uses a customized inline, direct-drive system that couples the motor directly to the spindle rather than using belts. According to the company, this results in reduced vibration, heat and noise, in addition to providing thermal stability.


To maximize fixturing versatility, the 36" × 18" cast iron table has standard T-slots in vertical and horizontal directions, as well as dowel-pin bores and an array of drilled and tapped holes. It has a maximum weight capacity of 3,000 lbs.

Other standard features include a side-mount toolchanger with a 24-tool capacity (plus one in the spindle) and a double-arm gripper that changes tools in 2.8 seconds.



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