High Versatility with Toyoda’s Universal Grinding Machine

From the IMTS Technology e-Newsletter (Sponsored)


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Enhance repeatability and reduce cycle times with a grinding machine that allows multiple operations in a single setup. By reducing the number of setups required in the grinding process, customers can make fewer offsets or adjustments in the part. Toyoda’s newly launched GL4i Switch universal grinding machine features an adjustable wheelhead for straight and angular applications offering the capability to complete OD and angle-head work. The GL4i Switch’s workhead accurately swivels in increments of 0, 30 and 45 degrees for flexible grinding including smaller diameter journals.

Designed for high-production manufacturing, the GL4i Switch grinder excels in the most demanding applications. The model features a Toyoda Stat Bearing and Floating Plate technology to ensure high accuracy and positioning and a reinforced cast iron bed to improve coolant flow and reduce thermal displacement. The Switch machine uses Toyoda’s own conversational control, the Toyopuc Touch, which gives the operator intuitive and easy-to-learn data entry capabilities with visualization of equipment status for smart manufacturing.Gearing up for large part grinding applications, Toyoda’s GL4i Switch model ranges from 500 mm (19.7") to 2,000 mm (78.7") distance between center, up to 400 mm (15.7") swing, and increased part capacity ranging to 300 kg (661 lbs).

Learn more information about Toyoda’s machine line up for IMTS, visit toyoda.com/imts2018.