HMC Features Redesigned Column, Fast Feed Rates And More

The SX, Toyoda Machinery’s newest HMC, is equipped with a 40-hp, 6,000-rpm spindle (with a 15,000-rpm spindle option) and “double the driving force” on the Y axis, with a ballscrew and motor on each side of the spindle. It has been designed to provide the cutting power of a boxway machine, with 20-percent faster feed rates.


Included in the software is an automatic compensation feature that protects against thermal growth in the ballscrew. Thus, the integrity of the ballscrew is not compromised by internal cooling mechanisms, the company says.

The column has been redesigned to support the spindle’s cutting power, maintain accuracy in hard ferrous materials and maximize tooling life and performance.


Available with 550-mm or 630-mm pallet sizes, the machine as a table load capacity of 2,860 lbs.



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