HMC for Die-Cast Production Machining Reduces Downtime

Makino introduces its a40 HMC for nonferrous, die-cast parts machining, particularly die-cast aluminum.

Makino introduces its a40 HMC for nonferrous, die-cast parts machining, particularly die-cast aluminum. The machine offers a 400-mm pallet and accommodates workpieces ranging to 630 mm (24.8") in diameter and 900 mm (35.4") tall, necessary for the die-cast parts commonly machined in the automotive and consumer product industries. The maximum payload is 400 kg (880 lbs). The machining center’s X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measure 560 × 640 × 640 mm (22.0" × 25.2" × 25.2").

The machine features Makino’s Intelligent Reduction of Inertia (R.O.I) design, the providing responsive CAT-40 spindle acceleration ranging to 12,000 rpm in 0.5 sec. The HMC is capable of completing common tapping operations at rigid tapping synchronization speeds as fast as 6,000 rpm. Faster rapid traverse rates, minimized feature-to-feature positioning times; and optimal acceleration performance of multiple machine systems are possible with the Inertia Active Control’s evaluation of fixture and tool weights.

The HMC uses systems such as single-piece X- and Z-axis covers, center-trough chip and coolant management, and dual-supported ATC mechanisms from Makino’s 1-series HMCs to promote reliability. It is equipped with a 40-position automatic toolchanger (ATC) as well as an automatic pallet-change system. In addition, the machine features new capablities, such as vision-type broken tool detection, which supports unattended operation by quickly validating the condition of cutting tools after each tool change. Dedicated tool taper cleaning nozzles wash the tool taper with 20-micron-filtered coolant with each tool change, ensuring contamination-free tool clamping. Three-stage coolant filtration with 20-micron hydro-cyclone eliminates coolant tank sludge common with aluminum machining, extending time between coolant system maintenance or cleaning.

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