HMC With 1,969-ipm Feed Rates On All Axes

The Mycenter-HX400i horizontal machining center features simultaneous X, Y and Z strokes: 26" × 24" × 22" (X, Y, Z) plus full fourth axis rotary table (0 to 360 degrees/0.001 degree increments) The machining center has a 15.7" x 15.7" table and uses table traverse design for the X and Y axis movement, a feature that the company says reduces workpiece/spindle interference (by 2/3) common on machines with a traveling column design. The HMC can execute simultaneous full travels throughout all four axes. The machining center features a 25-hp AC spindle motor that drives the company's two-speed geared head and provides 13,000 rpm (15,000 rpm optional) maximum spindle speed and up 199 foot-pounds of torque. The HMC features the Dual Contact spindle system that provides dual contact of the spindle taper and flange face. This thermally stabilized #40 taper spindle is supported by double angular contact bearings said to handle high thrust loads and roller bearings for accuracy. The standard spindle chiller maintains a constant temperature at the spindle jacket to ensure the highest level of precision, the company says. Twin high-precision fine pitch ballscrews and twin servomotors deliver 1,969 ipm feed rates on all axes. Computerized lubrication is standard, as are rubber/copper way wipers. B-axis rapid feed is 15,000 degrees per minute (0.36 seconds per 90 degree rotate). The company offers a 5-year warranty on box ways. The ballscrew cooling system circulates chilled oil through the X, Y and Z axes ballscrew shafts. The company says this standard feature holds the ballscrew temperature at a constant, thereby minimizing thermal displacement allowing for higher accuracy through continuous operation. With the high speed 180-degree rotating two-pallet APC, it takes only 5 seconds to exchange pallets. The company says the operator has easy access to the pallet in the loading station and can reach all sides of a tombstone being loaded and unloaded by activating a push button. Guarding between the work envelope and pallet station allows users to perform high velocity machining while another tombstone is being unloaded and reloaded. The machine also features a high speed ATC: 1 second (tool to tool)/3.2 seconds (chip to chip). The company's fixed pot ATCs are said to deliver tool storage capability without sacrificing productivity. The tool magazine keeps the next tool in the standby pot for fast, efficient tool change, according to the company. 50-tool capacity is standard, with 100 optional. The company says that tools are always returned to the expected position. Adjacent tool pots can be left empty to accommodate large diameter cutters. The IAC (Intelligent Advanced Control) System 1 is standard. It controls the effects of heat displacement to ensure continuous machining accuracy. A combination of regulating sensors and machine efficiency monitors provide data on variable compensation values to the machine offsets, which is said to minimize inaccuracies in spindle axial growth and head casting growth. The company's AI nano control is standard. It delivers ±0.00012" positioning accuracy per full stroke on all axes. This feedback system also increases contouring accuracy 150 times, according to the company. The HMC features a Kitamura-Fanuc 16iM control. The control folds flatly into the machine when it isn't being used.